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Week in Racing Haras des Trotteurs

f you haven't already watched our online stallion parade featuring the French-bred duo of Classic Connection and Used To Me take the opportunity to do so.

Here's the link:

A son of the great Love You, Classic Connection is standing his first season in Australia, based on a our property at Cardigan near Ballarat.

Meanwhile, Love You continues to have a major influence on Australian tracks this season with 2yo and 3yo winners.

He continues to clearly be the leading 3yo trotting sire in Australia.

Haras des Trotteurs roster stallion placegetters:

1st High On Love (Love You Fra) 2yo NZ

1st Revelstoke (Quaker Jet Fra-Miss Manitoba) 2yo Victoria

1st Queen Elida (Love You Fra) 3yo Victoria

1st Ollivici (Orlando Vici Fra) 3yo Victoria

2nd Orlando Stom (Orlando Vici Fra) 5yo NSW

2nd Eds Dream (Used To Me Fra) 2yo Victoria

2nd Kyvalley Surfrider (Love You Fra) 4yo Victoria

2nd Quake Proof (Quaker Jet Fra) 4yo Victoria

2nd Taimate Sass (Love You Fra) 2yo NZ

2nd Teyene (Love You Fra) 4yo NZ

2nd Exprensive Crumpet (Quaker Jet Fra) 4yo NZ

3rd Luvaflair (Love You Fra) 3yo WA

3rd Sweet On You (Love You Fra) 3yo Victoria

3rd Surprise To Me (Used To Me Fra) 3yo Victoria

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