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The Eagle has finally touch down in Australia.

Haras des Trotteurs are pleased to announce that the

frozen semen of four sons of the great Ready Cash; Bold Eagle, Bird Parker, Brillantissime & Eridan has arrived in Australia and are ready to ship to breeders.

Their frozen semen has arrived in Australia and has been cleared through quarantine.

We have received a limited supply of all 4 stallions and we are able to take bookings now for them all except for Bold Eagle as his book his now full and closed based on the expressions of interest we have received this season.

Haras des trotteurs will be in contact with all those that have expressed interest in breeding to Bold eagle to confirm arrangements

We look forward to enlightening you the breeders of the deeds of the stallions listed above through our website , social media posts and Campbells Comments.

Haras Des Trotteurs is committed to bringing the best bloodlines to Australia and New Zealand enabling you the breeder, to breed World Class Trotteurs.

Call us for more information and Join the French Revolution.

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