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HDT Weekly Wrap

Is Used To Me the most underrated stallion in Australia?

There’s a good case for the French-based stallion to lay claim to the title.

He has climbed his way to sixth on the 2024 Australian sires all-age premiership.

Used To Me has 15 winners to sit behind all-time greats Majestic Son Ca and ove You Fra, Father Patrick US, Skyvalley NZ and Volstead US.

His winners have come 25 starters.

Used To Me is eighth on the wins list with 23 from those 15 winners.

Love You is second with 50 and Orlando Vici fifth with 29.

Used To Me had three winners for the weeks across both sides of the Tasman.

Australian/NZ winners/placegetters by HDT roster stallions in past week:

1st XEBEC  (Orlando Vici Fra) 8yo gelding SA

1st AT THE DISTANCE (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

1st DOSSIER (Used To Me Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

1st TAYLAD TO USE NZ (Used To Me Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

2nd ASTRO (Love You Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

2nd YOU REALLY GOT ME NZ (Love You Fra) 8yo gelding SA

2nd HEPHAESTUS PHOENIX (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

2nd BURNING LOVE NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo mare NZ

2nd JOHN SPARTAN NZ (Love You Fra) 2yo gelding NZ

2nd NATIVES INFERNO NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

3rd GUNNER (Quaker Jet Fra) 7yo gelding NSW

3rd ADELLE NZ (Orlando Vici Fra) 8yo mare Queensland

3rd ILLAWONG MOONBEAM (Love You Fra) 6yo mare SA

3rd REVELSTOKE (Quaker Jet Fra) 5yo mare Victoria

3rd ROYAL DAN (Orlando Vici Fra) 5yo gelding NSW

3rd COL DU GRANON (Quaker Jet Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

3rd ELECTROJET (Quaker Jet Fra) 7yo mare ACT 

3rd TI AMO BELLE NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo mare NZ

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