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HDT Weekly Wrap | 22 May 2024

Want up-to-date on-the-track proof of the quality of stallions stood by Haras de Trotteurs? Here it is.

Eight of the top 12 earning trotters in Australia this season are by sires who were standing at HDT.

No.2 Just Believe (Orlando Vici Fra)

No.3 Im Ready Jet (Quaker Jet Fra)

No.4 Queen Elida NZ (Love You Fra)

No.5 Derek The Jet (Volstead US)

No.6 Keayang Zahara (Volstead US)

No.8 Maoris Mac (Volstead US)

No.10 Keayang Chucky (Love You Fra)

No.12 Royal Dan (Orlando Vici Fra)

Just for good measure, HDT-owned European-bred Callmethebreeze, which will stand at HDT at the end of race days, holds down No.1.

STANDBY for announcements about our Australian and New Zealand stallion rosters for the upcoming breeding season.

Australian/NZ winners/placegetters by HDT roster stallions in past week:

1st ELECTROJET (Quaker Jet Fra) 7yo mare NSW

1st ASTRO (Love You Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

1st YOU REALLY GOT ME NZ (Love You Fra) 8yo gelding SA

1st ROYAL DAN (Orlando Vici Fra) 5yo gelding NSW

1st SANS AU REVOIR NZ (Love You Fra) 6yo mare NZ

1st NATIVES INFERNO NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

2nd OLLIVICI NZ (Orlando Vici Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

2nd AVANT GUARD (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

2nd JACKOFALLTRADES (Love You Fra) 4yo entire Victoria

2nd LOVENUS (Love You Fra) 5yo mare Victoria

2nd ADELLE (Orlando Vici Fra) 8yo mare Queensland

2nd MY USED TO ME (Used To Me Fra) 6yo gelding SA

2nd NATIVES INFERNO NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

3rd YSMIR (Used To Me Fra) 4yo mare Queensland

3rd DEEJAY DEX (Dreamcatcher Swe) 4yo gelding Victoria

3rd AGAINST THE BRIDLE (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding  Victoria

3rd HEPHAESTUTUS PHOENIX (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

3rd PANDEMIC NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding NZ

3rd MR LOVE NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

3rd LOVE N THE PORT NZ (Love You Fra) 6yo gelding NZ -  group 3

3rd ONE EL (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

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