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Cravache Dor picks up second Group 1

Smart 3yo Cravache Dor has taken Orlando Vici’s season to another level.

The Yabby Dam Farms-bred and raced gelding picked up second G1 win of the season in the $75,000 Haras des Trotteurs Victoria Trotters Derby at Maryborough’s Redwood Day on Sunday.

Orlando Vici becomes the fifth Australian-bred progeny of Orlando Vici to earn $100,000.

The stallion had a double at Marlborough, with emerging 4yo mare Visionary also saluting.

Orlando Vici has 12 individual winners of 35 races this season from 20 starters.

He leads the season’s table for average earnings per start by his progeny.

This has climbed to $24.083, with Quaker Jet next best on $22,508.


1st CRAVACHE DOR (Orlando Vici Fra) 3yo gelding Victoria - group 1

1st VISIONARY (Orlando Vici Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

1st IM HECTOR (Quaker Jet) 5yo gelding SA

1st QUAKE PROOF (Quaker Jet Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

1st LUVAFLAIR (Love You Fra) 4yo mare WA

1st ASTRO (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

1st KYVALLEY SURFRIDER (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria (twice)

1st CHAMPAGNE CHARLEY (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

1st AROHA KOE (Love You Fra) 3yo gelding Victoria

1st CON GRAZIA LOVE NZ (Love You Fra) 3yo filly NZ

1st NAZARETH NZ (Love You Fra) 3yo gelding NZ

2nd MUMS JEWEL NZ (Quaker Jet Fra) 4yo mare NZ

2nd DONT CARE (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

2nd CENTRAL OTAGO (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

2nd RIGHT MOVES (The Best Madrik Fra) 5yo mare NSW

2nd FATHER CHRISTMAS (Love You Fra) 11yo gelding Queensland

2nd JUST BELIEVE (Orlando Vici Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

2nd PLAY FOOTSIE NZ (The Best Madrik Fra) 5yo mare NZ

3rd ILLAWONG MOONBEAM (Love You Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

3rd GUNNER (Quaker Jet Fra) 5yo gelding NSW

3rd LUNA (Used To Me Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

3rd ELECTROJET (Quaker Jet Fra) 5yo mare Victoria

3rd ORLANDO STORM (Orlando Vici Fra) 6yo mare Victoria

3rd SALVO NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo mare NZ

3rd MATUA TANA NZ (Love You Fra) 8yo gelding NZ - group 3

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