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HDT Weekly Wrap

Haras des Trotteurs roster stallions Love You, Quaker Jet and Used To Me speak volumes for the impact French bloodlines have had on Australian trotting.

LOVE YOU FRA - 46 winners from 63 Australian-bred starters (73% strike rate)

QUAKER JET FRA - 24 from 33 (73%)

USED TO ME FRA - 33 from 47 (70%)

The Melbourne Nutrien Equine Yearling Sale on Sunday, April 14, will provide buyers with an opportunity to jump on board the “French Revolution” via these three Group 1 producers and more.

Haras des Trotteurs stallions will have lots from the first Australian crop of CLASSIC CONNECTION Fra, in addition to BOLD EAGLE Fra and ERIDAN Fra.

  • Love You: lots 240, 245, 307.

  • Classic Connection (a son of Love You): lots 188 216, 233, 235, 248, 285, 286, 294, 311, 319, 327

  • Quaker Jet (a son of Love You): lots 166, 200, 298, 300, 301, 315

  • Used To Me: lost 194, 221

  • Bold Eagle (a son of Ready Cash Fra): lots 189, 256

  • Eridan (a son of Ready Cash):  lot 205

Australian/NZ winners/placegetters by HDT roster stallions in past week:

1st LADY VICI (Orlando Vici Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

1st WE CAN HAVE IT ALL (Volstead US) 3yo filly Victoria

1st FREDRHYS (Used To Me Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

1st LUVSKI (Love You Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

1st SO VAGUE (Love You Fra) 5yo mare SA

1st SELF EXCLUSION (Orlando Vici Fra) 7yo gelding Victoria -  pacer

1st LOVEY DOVEY NOVA NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo mare NZ

1st BLYTHE NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo mare NZ

1st AROHA KENNY NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo mare NZ

2nd JUST BELIEVE (Orlando Vici Fra) 8yo gelding Victoria

2nd MY USED TO ME (Used To Me Fra) 6yo gelding SA

2nd NIGHT WHISPERER (Quaker Jet Fra) 7yo gelding Victoria 

2nd YSMIR (Used To Me Fra) 4yo mare Queensland

2nd GUNSEN ROSIE (Used To Me Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

2nd CHAMPAGNE CHARLEY (Used To Me Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

2nd HEPHAESTUS PHOENIX (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

2nd BROTHER LOVE NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding NZ

3rd ADELLE NZ (Orlando Vici Fra) 8yo mare Queensland

3rd ASTRO (Love You Fra) 6yo gelding Victoria

3rd AGAINST THE BRIDLE (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

3rd ATOUT (Quaker Jet Fra) 5yo mare SA

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