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HDT at Nutrien Equine Yearling Sale

Volstead will have the biggest presence of any stallion at the Melbourne Nutrien Equine Yearling Sales on April 1-3.

The US-bred European group 1-winning son of Cantab Hall has 28 lots being offered.

They are from his second and last season standing at Haras des Trotteurs.

HDT stallions with lots:

LOT 374 Volstead US-Par Ici filly

LOT 383 Volstead US-Pinevale Ellison NZ colt

LOT 386 Volstead US-Pretty Peggy Sue colt

LOT 391 Timoko Fra-Purplepeopleater filly

LOT 398 Volstead US-Reina Danzante colt

LOT 414 Volstead US-Sassy Pinevale colt

LOT 425 Volstead UIS-Shot Glass filly

LOT 444 Volstead US-Stealth filly

LOT 445 Volstead US-Strap On filly

LOT 452 Volstead US-Swede Dreams Swe Filly

LOT 469 Volstead US-Tricia Powell NZ filly

LOT 471 Quaker Jet Fra-Val Gardena filly

LOT 474 Quaker Jet Fra-Variable Star colt

LOT 478 Volstead US-Vin Rouge filly

LOT 493 Volstead US-Zippin Around filly

LOT 495 Used To Me Fra-Access To Success US colt

LOT 497 Quaker Jet Fra-Alegria Dream Ca filly

LOT 510 Volstead US-Amour De Frere NZ colt

LOT 513 Volstead US-Another Player NZ filly

LOT 535 Volstead US-Beautiful River Fra colt

LOT 540 Love You Fra-Betty Hall colt

LOT 542 The Best Madrik Fra-Bohemian Queen colt

LOT 544 Quaker Jet Fra-Bouttemont colt

LOT 547 Volstead US-Cadenas Damour NZ filly

LOT 552 Volstead US-Cashel Daga NZ colt

LOT 557 Used To Me Fra-Continentallady US filly

LOT 562 Love You Fra-Cyclone Jeter NZ filly

LOT 565 Volstead US-Aldebaran Debee colt

LOT 572a Volstead US-Dream Island colt

LOT 573 Quaker Jet Fra-Duchess Ella filly

LOT 575 Volstead US-Egee Money Fra filly

LOT 577 Volstead US-Epona Phoenix colt

LOT 578 Volstead US-Eternity Fra colt

LOT 579 Quaker Jet Fra-Aldebaran Eve colt

LOT 584 Volstead US-Fiesta Du Fer Fra filly

LOT 586 Volstead US-Fortunate Phoenix colt

LOT 598 Volstead US-Gypsy Flair filly

LOT 618 Volstead US-Kinvara Sue filly

LOT 640 Volstead US-Majestic Grace filly

LOT 645 Love You Fra-Meadow Valley Road colt

LOT 661 Quaker Jet Fra-My Valerie NZ filly

LOT 663 Volstead US-Naked Majesty filly


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