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HDT Weekly Review | 14 November 2023

The Breeders Crown series gets underway with heats at Maryborough on Wednesday, November 15.

There are 2yo and 3yo heats that will lead into group 1 finals at Melton on Saturday, November 25.

Our 2023-24 roster stallions Love You Fra, Orlando Vici Fra, and Used To Me Fra each have runners.

Send a mare to any of our chilled or frozen stallions this year and you too down the track could have a Breeders Crown starter.

Another successful week for Love You in Australia and New Zealand, with Nakedtruth leading the way with two wins.

Australian/NZ winners/placegetters by HDT roster stallions in past two weeks:

1st JILLIBY JETPACK (Love You Fra) 3yo filly Victoria

1st NAKEDTRUTH (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding 4yo gelding Victoria (twice)

1st QUEEN OF QUEBEC (Used To Me Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

1st FREMARKSTILLY (Love You Fra) 4yo mare Victoria

1st MR LOVE NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding NZ

2nd NATIVES INFERNO NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding NZ

2nd FRANKYTHEFRENCHMAN (Used To Me Fra) 4yo gelding Victoria

2nd OLLIVICI (Orlando Vici Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

2nd AT THE DISTANCE (Used To Me Fra) 3yo gelding Victoria

2nd TORO STRIDE (Love You Fra) 4yo gelding NSW

2nd HI HO KYVALLEY (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding SA

2nd LOVE WALKED IN NZ (Love You Fra) 4yo mare NZ

2nd SHESGOLD NZ (Love You Fra) 3yo filly NZ

3rd KIVICI (Orlando Vici Fra) 5yo gelding SA (twice)

3rd VISIONARY (Orlando Vici NZ) 5yo mare Victoria

3rd CENTRAL OTAGO (Love You Fra) 5yo gelding Victoria

3rd NUBLIAH CHAMAY NZ (Love You Fra) 5yo mare NZ

Photo: QUEEN OF QUEBEC connections

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